About Us

About Us

IDEX Telecom was founded in Riyadh back in 2005. Its goal was to focus on the diverse communication systems, consulting services, and the provision of technical human resources to serve the telecommunication market in the region.
IDEX was able to set up its pillars to enter the market and branch out to both the private and public sector.
It is currently a major player in the field of value-added services; it focuses on the deployment of solutions, value-added services and applications for the media and service operators. It specializes in managing service solutions by combining content, cutting edge technology and world-class expertise
Thanks to its know how and professionalism, IDEX Telecom was able to define what customer satisfaction is in the market of telecommunication making it a leading entity in its field in the MENA region.

Organization strategies


We offer a simple and friendly integration APIs; with main objective to help our clients and partners to achieve their targets in a cost effective manner at no time.

Customer Focused Growth

When it comes to customer focus growth IDEX Telecom leads by example by focusing on the changing wants and needs of its customers and adapting its services accordingly.

Flexibility and Stability

Our capability to identify major environmental changes, quickly commit resources to new courses of action, and act promptly when it is time to halt existing resource commitments.


Ability to expand into new markets and to add new product lines by offering both vertical and horizontal integration.

Free Consultation

Exchanging advises is our expertise to help grow services and products, helping in optimizing project and business plans to achieve the optimal outcome with our partners, try us...