Mobile Payment

Paying for a service or a product has never been easier or even safer! With the fast paced life that we now live in consumers are constantly looking for an easier quicker way to purchase what they need and/or desire, mobile payment offers just that! Users don't have to worry anymore if they have enough money on them to make a purchase or to risk being pick pocketed.
IDEX recognizes the importance of mobile payments for both the provider of the service/product and the end user, therefore it offers its partners the ability to chose from PSMS (Payment through SMS) and DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) as payment means for their end product.
PSMS is one of the simplest forms of mobile payments, the user pays for the service/ product he wishes to acquire by sending a text message. The cost of the service/product is added to the monthly phone bill or deducted from a pre-paid balance by the mobile phone operator.
As for the DCB or Direct Carrier Billing, it is considered currently as the world's most popular form of mobile payments. No need for a bank or a credit account, the cost is added either to the prepaid balance of the end user or his end of the month phone bill. With this option at hand the end user has infinite choices of purchase; from music, content to video games and mobile applications.
DCB is a profitable mean for both service providers and mobile operators, it offers smooth customer experience, a high level of customer satisfaction and high conversion rates.
We have developed our own mechanism to help you switch from regular payment methods to adopting one these mobile payments the smoothest and fastest way possible. So sit back, relax and let IDEX lead the way!


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