Value Added Services

Hosting Solutions: VAS stands for Value Added Services, which refers to all non-core services. It is currently used to promote businesses, add value to the service standard offering and offers long term revenue opportunities for partners.
IDEX understands how important it is to not only create a service but also to modify it when needed as quickly as possible therefore it has put in place a hosting solution which is a friendly user interface in order to allow content provider the ability to manage their contents and have full control over them.

STK Solutions: STK solutions is a secured tool developed to not only reach out to the end user but to allow them to interact with the service as well. It creates a friendly user interface for the end user through its Push Technology making it a smarter promotional service than the one accustomed to. Whether you are asking the end user for a donation for a good cause or to subscribe to a useful service, the STK solution is guaranteed to fulfill its target and reach out to as many users as possible in the shortest period of time.

IDEX offers its partners a full service package:
  • Campaign Management
  • Advertisement Solution
  • Content Services
  • Roaming Solutions


USSD Solutions: IDEX offers full USSD Technology solutions for any mobile operator in addition to user interface that allows the operators to create its own service based on its needs and the requests of the end users. This technology serves several purposes such as prepaid callback service, mobile-money services, menu based information services...

USSD is used widely in many countries for many interactive services.


RBT:RBT or otherwise known as the ring back tone does not have to be so dull anymore. Partners can offer now their end users the possibility to break out from the routine "ring ring" pattern and offer their callers something more delightful to listen to before they pick up the phone. Thanks to IDEX acquired contents in this domain, end users can select from wide range of RBT such as:

  • Islamic
  • Musical
  • Sports
  • Western
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Poetry
  • South Asian

SMS: IDEX offers a wide range of SMS and MMS services such as:

  • SMS Chat: Text messaging service based on SMS interaction
  • SMS2TV:This form of service allows end users to participate in polls, to vote, receive trivia and much more
  • Mobile Payment:Thanks to the PSMS technology end users can now pay for games and other e-services by sending a short message
  • Subscription Based Services: Subscribing to your favorite news feed or sports club has never been easier. End users can now stay up to date by simply picking their topic of interest, sending an SMS and subscribing to the service they wishes.

Voice:IVR interact with a caller and guide him to obtain the answer that he seeks or in other words it helps callers help themselves..

Nowadays, more and more companies and businesses are opting for IVR solution, it is cost efficient as well as time efficient, and helps employees concentrate on the task at hand instead of spending half of their day answering phones and guiding callers.
It is commonly used to gather and/or deliver information, take care of bills, schedule appointments, set orders, among other things. IDEX provides tailored IVR solutions to all needs and requests. Besides the common use of IVR in the business world, IDEX also offers end users the possibility of benefit from this technology through several other forms:
  • Voice Changer: Users can now trick their friends by using the voice changer technology that offers real time voice manipulation, sound effects and many more features.
  • Voice Chat:Users can now widen their social circle by participating in voice-based chat communities that link users of similar interests with each other.
  • Mobile Jukebox: Users can now listen to their favorite music whenever they wish, they can create albums and playlists, download tones and even share their favorite tunes with their friends and family.
  • Voice SMS: Why send a text message when you can send a voice message instead, without having to worry about the limited number of characters! This easier more efficient way of communicating is now made possible thanks to the IVR technology
  • BGM: And to make one's calls even more personalized, users have now the possibility to use BGM also known as background music during their phone calls. the user can pick any music or melody he wishes to play in the background and will still have full control over his BGM. The user can lower or increase the volume of the music, he can stop it, pause it or even rewind it.

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